Formal Name: Dalbergia retusa

Color: Heartwood contains many colors and can range from yellow, orange to a reddish-brown with dark brown to black streaks throughout. Sapwood is a whitish color and is not frequently used for commercial purposes.

Shade: dark

Workability: Due to the high oil content found in this wood, it can occassionally cause problems with gluing. In addition, the wood's color can bleed into surrounding wood when applying a finish, so care should be taken when applying initial coats not to smear. Tearout can occur during planing if interlocked grain is present. The wood has a moderate blunting effect on cutting edges. Has excellent turning properties.

Physical Properties: Extremely dense and hard wood. Strong and tough with excellent shock resistant qualities and a high crushing strength. Moderate steam bending characteristics.

Interior/Exterior: interior and exterior use