Formal Name: Roupala brasiliense Panopsis spp. (P. rubescens, P. rubellens, and P. sessilifolia)

Color: The narrow sapwood ranges in color from almost white to pale yellow. Heartwood is pale pink to light reddish-brown with a silver grain that gives the wood a silvery sheen. With age, the heartwood matures to a brownish color.

Shade: light

Workability: Works well with hand and machine tools, the high density causes a medium blunting effect on cutting tools. Lacewood has satisfactory gluing properties. It can be nailed or screwed easily without pre-boring. The wood has good sanding properties and turns well. It takes stain easily, and a good finish can be achieved with polishing.

Physical Properties: Highly dense wood, only moderately hard with medium bending strength and crushing strength. Good steam bending properties.