Formal Name: Guibourtia ehie

Color: Sapwood is very pale with clear demarcations. A variety of colors can be found in the heartwood that include pink, vivid red, or red-brown with purple veining. On exposure, the veining becomes less conspicuous, and the deep colors fade to yellow or medium brown with a reddish tint.

Shade: medium

Workability: Easily worked with both hand and machine tools. Moderate to severe blunting of tools. Gum pockets provide a particular challenge in working. It is a very durable wood that resists termites well. Pre-boring is recommended prior to nailing. Once dry, the wood is a good choice for turning. Shedua has a rather lustrous appearance and stains to an excellent finish.

Physical Properties: Medium to high density, very hard with good strength properties. Poor steam bending characteristics.

Interior/Exterior: both interior and exterior