English Brown Oak

Formal Name: Quercus robur

Color: Sapwood easily distinguished from heartwood, though similar in color. Heartwood is a pale yellow-brown or “biscuit” color, that may range to light tan or deep brown in color. English Oak stained by the beef-steak fungus, often called Brown Oak, is extremely desirable and is converted into decorative veneers for use in furniture and paneling. This color cannot be reproduced with stains, and is considered highly desirable.

Shade: medium

Workability: Depending on whether the Oak is from a slow growing or quickly growing area, it ranges from fairly easy to moderately difficult to work. It produces a moderate to severe blunting effect on tools. It has good gluing properties, and pre-boring is recommended for nailing and screwing. English Oak responds well to liming, waxing and polishing.

Physical Properties: A heavy, hard and very strong wood with medium bending and crushing strength, low in stiffness, but very good in steam bending. Great wear-resistance.

Interior/Exterior: Interior Only