Peruvian Walnut

Formal Name: Juglans spp. (Juglans australis, J. neotropica, J. olanchana, etc.)

Color: Deep, rich, dark chocolate brown heartwood with a blackish stripe that creates a desirable figure. It can sometimes have a purplish hue, and may also contain streaks of lighter-colored wood mixed throughout the heartwood—these streaks can sometimes be extensive and result in a high degree of waste.

Shade: dark

Workability: Machines easily with either hand or machine tools. A moderate blunting effect is to be expected on cutting edges. It holds nails and screws well, and can be glued satisfactorily. It can be stained or polished to a very good finish, and develops a rich patina that grows lustrous as it ages. Medium to dark stains are most popular for finishing Peruvian Walnut.

Physical Properties: Medium bending strength and resistance to shock loads. High crush strength and low stiffness. Very good steam bending characteristics. A compact, elastic wood with good strength properties.

Interior/Exterior: interior