Ironwood / Brazilian Ebony

Formal Name: Sartzia tomentosa

Color: Wide range of colors and figures, from solid with even color, to streaked and marble-like figure. Heartwood ranges from olive brown to near black and can have lighter or darker markings that are sharply separated from the sapwood, which is lighter and yellow in appearance. When first cut, the colors and figure are bright and bold. Once exposed to air and light, the brightness of the wood diminishes and takes on a darker, more subtle appearance.

Shade: dark

Workability: This wood’s hardness makes working with hand tools or a carving knife relatively difficult. Machining and turning properties are excellent. Joinery work can be machined to a clean, smooth surface with a crisp sharp edge. The wood holds nails well, once applied. The wood can be brought to a polished, marble-like finish.

Physical Properties: Heavy, strong, high in resistance to shock and highly suitable for steam bending. Good resistance to abrasive wear.

Interior/Exterior: both interior and exterior